Salaries and Wages paid in bitcoin

If you have arranged to have your salary paid in bitcoin in 2016 – to date, you would have essentially doubled your earnings if you had held onto them. However, holding your coins is always a difficult process when you have regular rent, travel and food costs to cover. Not to mention that the usual recommended advice is to take profit where you can.


A growing number of our customers like to sell us their bitcoins in exchange for cold, hard cash or bank transfer or paypal. The convenience of bitcoin allows you to do this in as small, or as large a portion you want. If you really wanted to, you could choose sell us 0.2 bitcoins every day through the month to average out the overall bitcoin price.

We are currently testing our new secure wallet feature and we’re making all elements easier for you to regularly top up your UK bank balance by converting some of your bitcoin in your secure wallet into normal currency. If enough people start using it, we would also be looking at an app to make your bitcoin life even easier. Exciting!

Alternatively, if you are interested in growing your bitcoin stash for investment or hodling purposes – why not have a direct debit tied into our account?  That way, you purchase a portion of bitcoin to diversify and help make your GBP income a little more Brexit-proof.


You will soon be able to buy bitcoin straight into your CoinCut wallet if you want to, or indeed convert bitcoins from your wallet into GBP easily.

We will also be looking into great lifetime referral bonuses when one of your invited friends buys from CoinCut. Every time your friend makes a purchase, we will put money into your CoinCut wallet.

That could amount to a lot of money for each and every referral you send our way. And the cool thing is, that they’ll get free bitcoins from this too! You both benefit at the same time. It’s a no brainer.

As always, we welcome comments and suggestions for improvement.