Buy Dash, Ethereum, Monero in GBP – and Wallets

Now you can buy and invest in Dash, Ethereum and Monero on CoinCut with Pound Sterling (GBP).

A lot of stuff has been happening behind the scenes – we’ve been busy making CoinCut even better!

Here’s our 4 point breakdown of all of CoinCut’s new crypto features?

  1. CoinCut customers can now receive bitcoins into their local bitcoin address and bitcoin wallet
  2. You can buy Monero (the anonymous altcoin / cryptocurrency) on CoinCut with GBP
  3. You can buy Ethereum (the smart-contract altcoin) on CoinCut with GBP
  4. You can buy Dash (another anonymous altcoin) on CoinCut with GBP

Of course – if you already have Bitcoins (or any coin), then you can easily exchange between two altcoins.

Why would you want to do these things when you already have bitcoin?

  1. Investment purposes – look at how some of these coins have risen while they’ve been active.
  2. To use – Monero is being adopted in a number of places now (like bitcoin) except that it’s more anonymous – so it’s much more like actual real-world cash in that sense.
  3. You love new technology, staying ahead of the rest and this kind of stuff really interests you.
  4. You like experimenting with new ways to stay free of the usual banking constraints that your normal friends have.


This is just the start – there’s more to come!

Check out how much Monero has gone up in the past 2 months:


Remember when bitcoin was only £1 per bitcoin?  Well…. we’re not investment advisors, so do your own research!