Bitcoin Salary paid in Pounds

Your salary paid in bitcoin? Is that even possible? In summary – yes. It’s easy too.

The two options

  1. Coincut has a number of regular customers that have their initial income paid in bitcoin. They have this sent to our bitcoin account, and in return, we exchange it quickly for pounds sterling at a favourable rate.
  2. Alternatively, some customers like a portion of their salary to be paid to us directly, and we send them bitcoin in exchange.


As you know, bitcoin works a little like cash – in that once it’s paid to you, it’s then irreversible, and reaches you fast. No more waiting for banking hours to talk to a customer support staff. Faster international transfers. No more having to suffer when it goes missing because of an administrative error. It just works. Why not try it today?
If you want to set up a regular payment with us so you can pay in funds frequently – let us know. We’ll arrange for a better rate for you if you can tell us exactly when you’ll be making this payment.