Bitcoin Investing – our recommendations

We get asked this question a lot. Where would we invest our money? How much would we buy? Is bitcoin going to be worth £1000+ in the future?


We’re not qualified financial advisors. Let’s get that out of the way first. Followed quickly by: If you have any high interest debts or loans, you should pay that off first. If you are in the UK, and haven’t used your ISA allowance, sort that out too.

Then you should diversify your investments, and figure out what your risk tolerance is – because bitcoin should be considered a medium/high risk investment. Some research on how to invest, and manage money wouldn’t go amiss either!

With that out of the way, the crypto market and digital currency revolution – if you can call it that – is still young, and I feel it shows a tremendous amount of promise.

The Future:

Depending on how much of a risk taker you are – the fundamentals of digital currency are quite clear to some people. We’re not fully 10 years into this experiment, but clearly many VCs and technologists and banks feel that their money will get a much better return invested into companies that focus on cryptocurrency/fintech solutions to problems.

For the rest of us – given the meteoric rise of bitcoin from it’s younger days (multiple bitcoins for pizzas anyone?) – perhaps we can just buy bitcoin and hold onto it until the price goes up. That could work – except there are always risks and difficulties to overcome with storage methods.

No Guarantees:

Banks are boring. And trusted even less after the 2008 financial crash. They also give you next-to-no interest. You essentially loan your money to the bank, and they charge you a fee to hold your money safe (ish – although that’s also debatable these days). With bitcoin – while you do get freedom, and potential growth, privacy with your money, and all these things … you still have to store it and ensure it doesn’t get stolen by hackers.

If you don’t feel comfortable securing your email – and I mean really comfortable. Then I’m not sure if I can recommend bitcoin to you. It doesn’t take much to protect yourself and learn how to secure digital money – but it does require effort.

If you can do that, and the banks are starting to annoy you too – and you fit the criteria above. Then, definitely.

Get some bitcoin for the future.