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  1. Bitcoin Investing – our recommendations

    We get asked this question a lot. Where would we invest our money? How much would we buy? Is bitcoin going to be worth £1000+ in the future? Disclaimer: We’re not qualified financial advisors. Let’s get that out of the way first. Followed quickly by: If you have any high interest debts or loans, you […]

  2. Salaries and Wages paid in bitcoin

    If you have arranged to have your salary paid in bitcoin in 2016 – to date, you would have essentially doubled your earnings if you had held onto them. However, holding your coins is always a difficult process when you have regular rent, travel and food costs to cover. Not to mention that the usual recommended advice […]

  3. Brexit beginnings

    Welcome to our first post-Brexit blog. Where the UK post-June 23rd 2016 is a little different to where we thought it might be. So, the past few days have been a bit of a downwards roller-coaster ride for poor Sterling – but an ideal opportunity to hedge a little if you were on the fence about buying […]