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  1. Bitcoin Salary paid in Pounds

    Your salary paid in bitcoin? Is that even possible? In summary – yes. It’s easy too. The two options Coincut has a number of regular customers that have their initial income paid in bitcoin. They have this sent to our bitcoin account, and in return, we exchange it quickly for pounds sterling at a favourable rate. […]

  2. Salaries and Wages paid in bitcoin

    If you have arranged to have your salary paid in bitcoin in 2016 – to date, you would have essentially doubled your earnings if you had held onto them. However, holding your coins is always a difficult process when you have regular rent, travel and food costs to cover. Not to mention that the usual recommended advice […]

  3. Brexit beginnings

    Welcome to our first post-Brexit blog. Where the UK post-June 23rd 2016 is a little different to where we thought it might be. So, the past few days have been a bit of a downwards roller-coaster ride for poor Sterling – but an ideal opportunity to hedge a little if you were on the fence about buying […]